Centrifuge Optimisation a £1 coin receives ‘Royal approval’ …….!?

There are many aspects surrounding the smooth operation of a vertical batch basket filtration centrifuge that need to be addressed before it can be regarded as being fully optimised.

Many believe that a centrifuge that is producing an acceptable liquid/solid separation, runs continuously, without frequent operator intervention, must surely be fully optimised. Unfortunately this is often proven not to be the case.

The feeding phase, at the very beginning of the processing cycle, is without doubt the most crucial aspect of the whole centrifuge processing cycle that must be fully addressed. Get this right and you are well on your way to eventually claiming you have a fully optimised centrifuge operation.

Operating vibration levels, especially at spin speed, are key here. Most centrifuge OEMs have the first high vibration level warning alarm set at around 20 mm/sec. Anything less than this and the centrifuge will continue operating without troubling the plant operation or operators.

The lower the vibration levels the better it will be for the mechanical wear and tear of the centrifuge and the more likely you will be able to gain a fully optimised centrifuge operation.

A fully optimised centrifuge operates at maximum spin speed with a vibration level of <10 mm/sec i.e. less than half that of the centrifuge OEM’s first alarm set point. The vast majority of vertical batch basket filtration centrifuges operating out in the field are not equipped with detailed vibration monitoring systems.

Without such detailed monitoring systems it makes Centrifuge Optimisation almost impossible for plant operatives. However, there is a way and this is where the importance of the British £1 coin comes into play. Unless you can replicate what is shown in the video accompanying this article you will not be in a position to claim you have a fully optimised centrifuge operation.

If you can get the £1 coin to stay upright and turn slowly anticlockwise, as shown, you are almost certain to achieve the following and as can be seen will also receive Her Majesty’s Royal approval in the process!.

• Optimum net capacity solids volume
• Perfectly parallel cake formation
• Perfectly concentric cake formation
• Optimum time cycle
• Maximum throughput
• Optimum cake washing efficiency
• Optimum filtrate quality
• Optimum final solids quality
• Optimum product yields
• Reduced maintenance and operating costs
• Greater up-time of the centrifuge

All this for just £1!!

If you have doubts regarding the extent of optimisation of your vertical batch basket filtration centrifuge(s) and cannot replicate the £1 challenge, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch where we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

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