Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

“Horizontal and Vertical Batch Basket Filtration Centrifuges have been the principle workhorse for the vast majority of applications that employ some type of separation equipment within the chemical processing industry.”

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Key Features

The exposure to hazardous products, solvent based suspensions and wash liquors, by centrifuge operators must be minimised, if not completely eliminated. Basket filtration centrifuges are commonly used as a means of processing such material. As the demands to alleviate operator exposure to such products increases, and as the exposure limits to solvent vapours decrease, centrifuge design engineers face difficult constantly changing challenges.

The challenges faced by centrifuge design engineers are to ensure full containment of the solid and liquor phases throughout the separation processing cycle as they safely enter and leave the centrifuge.

In addition to minimising operator exposure limits, it is also important to minimise any physical handling of the products so as to avoid contamination of the operator and the product from the environment. Basket centrifuges are fully equipped with such mechanisms.

Three of the products offered by NCD Separation Solutions Ltd provide the necessary protection processing facilities require namely;

  • Inert Gas Blanketing Systems
  • Oxygen Analysis Systems
  • Solids Discharge & Containment Systems

These designs can offer the following key features:

  • Full opening outer casing that helps with inspection, cleaning and maintenance
  • Proven anti vibration suspension systems
  • Variable speed frequency drive systems
  • PLC integrated control systems
  • Designed to the very latest cGMP and cGAMP criteria
  • Manual, Semi-Auto and Fully Automatic control
  • Accurate cake detection devices to ensure optimum throughput
  • Residual product heel removal devices that increase product yield
  • Validated Clean-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilisation-in-Place (SIP) systems
  • Capable of Inert Gas Blanketing and O2 Analysis Systems when processing hazardous flammable solvents
  • Fully certified with CE and ATEX accreditation

We have the knowledge and understanding to help our clients fully integrate these centrifuge types and such import systems into their industrial centrifuge processing operations.


NCD Separation Solutions Ltd. is a unique company that can offer a complete range of centrifuge consultancy and centrifuge engineering services.