Centrifuge Training


Centrifuge Training

Safe and successful centrifuge operation of any type of industrial centrifuge depends on high quality training, skill and diligence of both the operatives and maintenance teams. Lack of attention to any one of these factors will result in the optimum performance of the centrifuge and its associated safety equipment not being achieved.

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Any training given needs to be practical, manipulative and above all realistic. The use of plant operatives in isolation to train each other is not sufficient or indeed recommended.

Effective centrifuge operator training will however result in an enriched appreciation of the equipment faults, limitations and the associated hazards of the all-round centrifuge separation operation. Hazardous situations will be recognised more quickly and thus a more consistent use of the operating procedures should result.

The key objective of any training should be to establish the reasons for various recommendations rather than providing a regimented check list of the do’s and don’ts. Potential energy that can be gained from a centrifuge is often not considered.

Interlocks, out of balance monitors and any other protection equipment on the centrifuge should be fully explained with the key point being made that they are their for the operatives own personal safety and not an inconvenience or hindrance, If they are then there is a serious operational issue(s) that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

NCD Separation Solutions Ltd. can offer training in several key formats:

  • One to one – Usually a very informal session aimed at line managers such as Plant Manager, Process Engineers or Shift Supervisors.
  • On site at the centrifuge – Primarily a “hands-on” practical approach of how best to operate the centrifuge and what key areas to be aware of.
  • Organised visits to equipment manufacturers – Due to our excellent reputation we are able to arrange visits to the most recognised OEMS and alternative suppliers
  • Lectures / Seminars – All our seminars are supported with an extensive and informative data pack.
  • Site visits to users of similar or proposed equipment – Seeing a centrifuge in action on a similar duty with a specific industrial centrifuge type will answer many of your questions. In most cases, as a result of our excellent client relationships and reputation, we can facilitate this.

Whether your organisation has just one or one hundred employees, training packages can be tailor made to suit the customers specific needs and requirements.

Everyone benefits from training in some format, taking into account and building upon existing knowledge.

Through such detailed training objectives it is possible to firstly, increase and improve the productivity of the centrifuge and secondly, raise the level of effectiveness of the operatives/maintenance staff which could long term prove very cost effective.

NCD Separation Solutions Ltd. not only achieves but surpasses these objectives!


NCD Separation Solutions Ltd. is a unique company that can offer a complete range of centrifuge consultancy and centrifuge engineering services.