Centrifuge Trials and Analysis


Centrifuge Trials & Analysis

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Trials and Analysis

Trials and Analysis takes primarily three forms

  • Preliminary
  • Pilot
  • Full Scale

Preliminary Trials – This very small scale trial will establish whether or not the material in question is suitable for Centrifugal Separation techniques. At the same time the results will indicate whether Filtration or Sedimentation Centrifugal Separation is best suited.

An amazing amount of information can be obtained from this very small analysis. In the majority of cases a representative sample of approximately 1 litre is sufficient to obtain the necessary information needed

Pilot Trials – Once the findings of the preliminary trials have been completed and indications strongly suggest that the material in question is a potential Centrifuge Separation application, slightly larger scale trials must then be carried out.

For these trials representative samples are required and in most cases should require no more than 30 or 40 litres. Following completion of the trials and publication of the report it is possible, in well over 90% of cases, to put forward recommendations for the most appropriate type, size and number of centrifuge units that would be required to fulfill the application/process requirements.

Full Scale Trials
– Although the full scale trial is very rarely required, it is viewed as the ideal way forward when trying to gain an understanding regarding the all round capabilities of a material when subjected to Centrifugation Separation Techniques.

The obvious advantage when adopting Full Scale trials and evaluations is that the most appropriate centrifuge type, size and number of units will be quickly apparent. The big disadvantage is that there will be significant costs incurred.


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