As a result of our alliance with centrifuge manufacturer Sultrade Praha, Prague, of the Czech Republic, NCD Separation Solutions Ltd can offer a large number of filtration type centrifuges.

Basket filtration type centrifuges are an excellent solution for liquid-solid separation applications within the Fine Chemical, Chemical, Intermediates, Pharmaceutical and Pharma API manufacturing Industries.

They are designed and manufactured in a large number of configurations with an almost endless supply of specific design features to meet the unique characteristics and other vagaries of the end users applications.


Despite the very large number of possible design configuration the philosophy of operation and design can be divided into just three key groups;

  • Vertical Batch Basket Filtration Centrifuge – Types SCVT & SCVB
  • Vertical Batch Basket Filtration & Drying Centrifuge – Type CDR
  • Horizontal Batch Basket Filtration Centrifuge – Type SCH

All of the above are potential liquid-solid separation solutions for Chemical & Pharmaceutical market.

With almost 100 yrs of combined experience, knowledge and expertise we believe we have the products to meet your liquid-solid filtration separation needs.



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