Centrifuge Optimisation & Operator Training

After competing against two leading centrifuge manufacturers NCD Separation Solutions were recently awarded the contract to provide Centrifuge Optimisation and an Operator Training package for one of the UK’s leading chemical companies based in the North East of England.

Initially we will carry out a Site Survey of the centrifuges in operation and its installation of 3 off horizontal batch basket filtration centrifuge. This will identify the key problem areas that are currently preventing the centrifuge stages of the operation from being anywhere near optimised.

On completion of the Site Survey we will issue a detailed Report of our findings that will identify the key areas of concern and propose a positive way forward.

Once all the centrifuges are fully Optimised NCD Separation Solutions will provided a series of in-house Operator Training sessions for all the centrifuge operators based on the findings specific to their operation.