ADIPEC Exhibition – Abu Dhabi

Our recent visit to the ADIPEC exhibition in United Arab Emirates has proven to be highly successful. Following on from the success of attending the previous year’s show, where we established several new business opportunities, we once again met with organisations working specifically in the Oil & Gas industry in the Middle East.

Promising discussions were had with a Chinese centrifuge manufacture where we are now in discussions to assist in the development of their continuous vertical basket centrifuge used for drill cuttings removal.

We also held discussions with one of the leading oil producing organisations, to provide a comprehensive training package for all its Centrifuge Operators.

In house training was also discussed with our local agent to provide them with a slightly different training package that would allow them to be better prepared for selling various centrifuge types for a leading UK manufacturer. This is planned to commence later this year.

All in all our week in Abu Dhabi produced a handful of confirmed projects and several other promising opportunities for us to explore further. As a result we have already made plans to attend ADIPEC again next year.