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Centrifuge Optimisation

Cane Sugar Processing Plant, Thailand

A major sugar producing organisation in Thailand recently commissioned a brand new sugar cane processing facility with a capacity of 15,000 tons of sugar cane/day plus its own power plant to generate 41 MW of electricity. The processing plant purchased a total of 12 vertical overdriven batch centrifuges and 5 vertical continuous type centrifuges.  

Initially they attempted to commission all the centrifuges in-house. Regrettably this led to the destruction of two units. NCD Separation Solutions Ltd was contacted by the centrifuge OEM and asked to visit site, firstly to evaluate the seriousness of the problem, then instigate an action plan to resolve all operating issues moving forward. 

Over a three week period all the centrifuges were successfully commissioned without any further operating problems. 

NCD Separation Solutions also delivered a comprehensive Operator Training package for all the centrifuge operators. This has led to plant capacity being met and a far more informed workforce.


Centrifuge Optimisation

Arabian Sugar Refinery, Bahrain

A total of 7 off batch basket sugar centrifuges and 5 off continuous sugar centrifuges, supplied by Thomas Broadbent & Sons of the UK, where installed at the brand new sugar refinery owned by Arabian Sugar of Bahrain.

As part of contractual conditions the centrifuges needed to demonstrate their ability to meet the Performance Acceptance Criteria before being fully accepted by Arabian Sugar.

NCD Separation Solutions Ltd was commissioned with the task of undertaking the Performance Acceptance Evaluations on behalf of the centrifuge supplier.

In addition to several key process performance criteria having to be met the Performance Acceptance Certificate would only be issued if the centrifuges were capable of maintaining the separation efficiency continuously for 120 hrs (5 days).

A total of three separate attempts were allowed in order to prove the performance of all the centrifuges. Failure to prove the performance acceptance criteria within the three attempts would result in the trials being deemed a failure and the Performance Acceptance Certificate would not be issued. The implication of such a failure would have serious contractual consequences between vendor and supplier.

Thankfully, it was possible to prove the efficiency of the centrifuges during the very first attempt. This therefore resulted in the centrifuge Performance Acceptance Certificate being issued.

NCD Separation Solutions Ltd was delighted with this result and pleased to have helped both the vendor and supplier to provide a highly successful, efficient and state of the art refined sugar facility.

Centrifuge Installation & Commissioning

Optimisation at Covidien UK

Following a recent overhaul of their two vertical, batch basket, filtration centrifuges, NCD Separation Solutions were invited to carryout a performance survey with a view of delivering an operator training package once the centrifuges were considered fully optimised.

The optimisation exercise for both centrifuges took approx. 5 days to complete. This not only increased production by over 10% but also improved product quality, yield, efficiency and the health and safety to the whole process.

Subsequent operator training sessions will ensure the now optimised process is maintained and operators have more confidence in making various changes to the process from time to time as they are more understanding of their actions.

Site Manager Mr Dave Hickton thanked NCD Separation Solutions for their professionalism in delivering all the various facets of the centrifuge upgrade package. He feels sure the improvement will be of significant benefit to Covidien.