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Trials & Analysis

Award Winning Involvement

NCD Separation Solutions Ltd has been informed that a project we consulted on, the AquAsZero Project, has recently won 1st prize in the “Greek National Prize for Innovation”.

The aim of AquAsZero project was to develop a new, low cost, absorbent product, specifically targeting the recovery/removal of Arsenic from water treatment plants. This material could then be commercialised and used as the adsorbent media in new and existing water treatment plants alike.

Working closely with PERA Technology, UK, we conducted a series of pilot plant size trials and valuations to establish the most appropriate liquid/solid separation equipment for the product manufacturing process.

The new production line and standardization systems have already been installed for AquAsZero. The current production line has a capacity of 1200 kgs per working day.

To find out more – http://www.loufakis.gr/default.asp?pid=2718&langid=45  or visit the AquAsZero website – www.aquaszero.com

Centrifuge Trials

Batch v Continuous Centrifuges?

Following a request from a leading centrifuge OEM we have recently spent three weeks in USA undertaking trials at a leading polymer manufacturing facility.

The aim of the trials was to establish if the current batch process could be performed in a more continuous mode of centrifuge operation. Currently the separation element of the process is carried out using vertical batch basket filtration centrifuges. Whilst the batch type centrifuges perform well it is believed, if possible, that continuous centrifuges would be a more efficient approach.

It was considered that a Continuous Screen Bowl Decanter would be the preferred alternative centrifuge type. As a result a pilot size screen bowl decanter was installed for the purpose of the trials.

Having reviewed all the test data it has been decided by the client that continuous centrifugation would indeed be an improved alternative to the batch basket centrifuges. Discussions are now underway with the OEM and other vendors where it looks like a total of 4 units will be ordered for their two manufacturing facilities in the USA and Far East.

Final confirmation is expected in the next 6 months.