Installation & Commissioning

A leading industrial chemical manufacturing organisation located in the Midlands, UK, recently purchased a large refurbished vertical batch basket filtration centrifuge with an additional Inert Gas Blanketing facility.

The company already has several batch basket centrifuges installed on site and it is hoped this latest acquisition would enhance production in its attempt to meet increased demand for one of their leading products.

NCD Separation Solutions Ltd was asked to provide assistance in the commissioning of their ‘new’ centrifuge. Following successful FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and SAT (Site Acceptance Test) evaluations the centrifuge was ready for commissioning.

After completing dry commissioning and wet commissioning with water, the centrifuge was readied for actual product suspension. Product commissioning took several days to complete, at the end of which a fully optimised centrifuge separation system was achieved.

This latest centrifuge facility will now allow the end user to more than double their current production levels.